Jaguars: 3 OL to select with the 24th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft
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3. Anton Harrison - OT - Oklahoma

Anton Harrison would be a great pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If both Wright and Jones are off the board by the time the Jaguars come up to pick and they are dead set on selecting an offensive lineman, Anton Harrison should be the guy.

He is an offensive tackle that comes from Oklahoma where he had so much success. He would bring some stability to the line as they continue to try and build around Trevor Lawrence as a quarterback.

If adding a little bit of extra time for him to process plays and make even better throws is possible, it should be of the highest priority to act on it.

The Jaguars have been very good at acting on things that they need. There are plenty of offensive weapons around for Trevor Lawrence so adding to his offensive line could be a key this off-season. If the first round of the draft is their route, these players could be of consideration.

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