Jaguars: 3 OL to select with the 24th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft
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1. Darnell Wright - OT - Tennessee

Darnell Wright would be great for Jacksonville's offensive line in 2023.

Darnell Wright is a very good offensive tackle coming out of Tennessee. He is 6'5.5" and 333 lbs so he is ready to go for the NFL right away.

He would likely step right in and play the position well for the Jaguars as they continue to develop their offensive line.

Darnell Wright, more than any player on this list, is the most likely to be selected by Jacksonville with the 24th overall pick. He is projected to be selected right in that sweet spot of the mid-20s.

Obviously, landing a very good offensive lineman like this can do wonders for your franchise. With the success he had in college last year, he will be wanted by a few teams. Tennessee was outstanding at times and he was a big part of it.