Jaguars: 3 Chicago Bears players to consider trading for

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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3. Eddie Jackson

The Chicago Bears may give Eddie Jackson to the Jacksonville Jaguars for cheap.

The Chicago Bears had a lot of good times with Eddie Jackson in the mix. He was a great player for them for a long time. However, it is clearly a time for a change of scenery. Both sides need to move on badly.

If he came to the Jaguars, there is a good chance that he'd find some new life in his game. The Jaguars are an elite team that expects to make a deep run in the postseason. That is an environment that might see Eddie Jackson thrive.

Based on how this season has gone, he'd be a low-risk high-reward type of player for the Jaguars. He wouldn't cost them much in a trade and he still has a high ceiling.

If he didn't show up and play well, they wouldn't have to keep using him. It wouldn't hurt if they didn't give up much to get him. At this point, risks like that can help you when the playoffs arrive.

The Bears and Jaguars could pull off a very nice deal for one of these guys if they were interested. The Jaguars are trying to win now and the Bears need assets to help them keep building. It is a good match.