Jaguars risk it all, trade up in this 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft

These are the moves you make to win a Super Bowl.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Trent Baalke
Jacksonville Jaguars, Trent Baalke / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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Zak Zinter. 485. . G. player. 4. Zak Zinter. . Zak Zinter.

With back-to-back picks, the Jaguars go interior offensive line. And, here, they pluck a Big Ten lineman from the University of Michigan in Zak Zinter. In a league where offensive line depth is in a severe shortage, Zinter comes into the NFL with four years of starting experience. It doesn't get more consistent than that.

Like Van Pran, Zinter also possesses great size for an interior lineman, standing 6-foot-5 and weighing in around 325 pounds. If the Jags want to create a more physical, pounding type of offensive mentality, they'll sure have an easier time now with Zinter and Van Pran in the fold.

Zinter is a brick wall on wheels in the run game. He's like a Mack truck, truly. Ever heard of the phrase "an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?" That's the phrase I think of when talking about Zinter, except both of those terms from the phrase would apply. He's an absolute tank.

His size can be detrimental at times, against quicker and faster linemen, which he'll have to try and make up for. But, grabbing a starting guard in the fourth round is a victory, here.