3 reasons Jaguars can pull off upset win over Chiefs in Week 2

How can the Jaguars force Kansas City to start the year at an unforeseen record of 0-2?
Jacksonville Jaguars, Patrick Mahomes, Trevor Lawrence
Jacksonville Jaguars, Patrick Mahomes, Trevor Lawrence / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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One week in, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are already going to get maybe the their toughest test all season long.

Last year, Jacksonville met Kansas City in the NFL's Divisional Round, with Patrick Mahomes prevailing over Trevor Lawrence and company. But, the Jaguars proved that they weren't completely outmatched by the Chiefs and could be a threat in the near future.

Well, the future is now for Jacksonville. Week 2 will provide the Jaguars with their chance at a rematch, and we have a few reasons to believe they can get it done against the defending champions.

1. Detroit already proved it can be done

Look, the fact is, we've seen it done already. The Lions stunned the Chiefs on the NFL's opening night, and they did it in Kansas City's house. Say what you will about the Chiefs being without Chris Jones and Travis Kelce. Detroit still played a great game and limited Patrick Mahomes' offense to just 20 points on the night.

The recipe was pretty clear, too. Detroit put a lot of pressure on Mahomes and, even though they didn't tally a single sack, they made him uncomfortable enough to where Mahomes hardly completed half of his passes.

Jacksonville has a top-tier weapon in Josh Allen, rushing the passer, who posted 3.0 sacks in Week 1. If he can play at that level against Kansas City, the Jaguars' defense will have a good chance at containing the Chiefs in Week 2.