Ranking top 6 quarterbacks in Jaguars history

It's a brief history, but the Jaguars have had some solid quarterbacks come through Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jaguars, Mark Brunell
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2. David Garrard

This very well could be controversial, seeing as though David Garrard sits 1,643 yards behind Bortles on the all-time passing list. But, Garrard's record as the Jaguars' starter (39-37) was far better than Bortles'.

In nine seasons with the Jaguars, it wasn't until about halfway through where he was able to start the majority of a season. In 2006, he started 10 games, going 5-5. The following season in 2007, he went 9-3 as a starter and ended with a league-low interception percentage at just 0.9 percent. In 12 games, Garrard threw for 2,509 yards, 18 touchdowns and just three interceptions.

The following year, Garrard would go on to enjoy a career year in yardage, throwing for 3,620 yards to go along with 15 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Then, in 2009 Garrard was voted to the Pro Bowl despite Jacksonville finishing 7-9. He threw for 3,597 yards, 15 touchdowns and 10 picks that season.

As the third-highest passer all-time in Jaguars history, Garrard amassed 16,003 yards, 89 touchdowns and 54 interceptions over his nine years.