Ranking the top 5 Jaguars running backs of all-time

Number 1 is an obvious answer, but how about the rest?
Jacksonville Jaguars, Fred Taylor
Jacksonville Jaguars, Fred Taylor / George Gojkovich/GettyImages
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3. James Stewart

Third on the Jaguar's all-time leading rusher leaderboard is former first-round pick, James Stewart, whom the organization selected at pick no. 19 back in the 1995 NFL Draft. Stewart would go on to play five seasons in Jacksonville before ultimately giving way to the team's all-time leading rusher, Fred Taylor.

Stewart never went over 1,000 yards in Jacksonville, yet would go on to do so twice with the Detroit Lions. His best year as a Jaguar came in his final season with the team, back in 1999. That year, Stewart ran for 931 yards and 13 touchdowns. Those numbers came in just seven starts, too.

Overall, Stewart would run for 2,951 yards and 33 touchdowns over his five years in Jacksonville. His career brings the more boring part of this list to a close, again giving way to a much brighter era as far as Jaguars running backs would go.

Stewart spent from 2000-2002 with the Lions, rushing for nearly the same total he did in five seasons with Jacksonville, before his career came to a close.