3 free agents Jaguars can still sign ahead of Training Camp

  • A 2-time All Pro
  • A familiar face
  • A catch monster

Jacksonville Jaguars, Jarvis Landry
Jacksonville Jaguars, Jarvis Landry / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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One of the more fun stories last year was that of this exact Jacksonville Jaguars team. Going into their 2022 training camp, the Jaguars had plenty of questions surrounding the team.

But, as the season wore on, Trevor Lawrence helped answer many of those questions as he led the team to a division title and even a playoff victory.

Now going into training camp a year later, the expectations are different. This team is ascending. But, the roster could still use a little tweaking. Maybe, one or two veterans coming in could assist even in the smallest way.

Three veterans, in particular, make sense for Jacksonville to bring in for camp, at the very least.

1. Julio Jones

One of the things this Jaguars team could still use is one more veteran wide receiver presence. Julio Jones is still out there, and while his career has seen a significant drop-off, I think he is still well worth bringing in.

The 34-year-old, if given the opportunity, can still be a nice red zone threat and come in during key situations. His huge frame and catch radius is still there, although we haven't seen it used like it could be in recent years. Of course, his body has not held up the way he'd have liked over the past three seasons.

But, Jones still has the speed. He showed that in camp last year. And, his hands are still his hands. If anything, too, his presence and leadership would be greatly beneficial for this young team to have around.

Last year with the Bucs, The 7-time Pro Bowler caught 24 passes for 299 yards and two touchdowns in 10 games.