Jacksonville Jaguars Draft: 3 QBs to select as Trevor Lawrence's backup

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3. Jake Haener

The Jacksonville Jaguars can look to a smaller school for this spot too.

Fresno State isn't known for pumping out NFL superstars like some of the other schools but they have a solid program there for being in the group of five.

Derek Carr came from Fresno State and he has been a pretty good quarterback in his NFL career. Well, Jake Haener would like to become someone like that if he is selected in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Chances are that he will be selected at some point in the final three rounds of the draft. That would be amazing for him, the program, and whichever team that takes a chance on him.

If the Jaguars ended up with a backup quarterback like that, they might find themselves to be very happy with that decision one day.

There is a chance that nobody in Jacksonville wants to draft another potential backup for Trevor Lawrence but you never know. It isn't an idea worth ignoring by any means.

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