Jacksonville Jaguars: The Case For Re-Signing Calvin Ridley and Josh Allen in 2024

• The Jaguars have some work to do when it comes to re-signing Josh Allen and Calvin Ridley, or not
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Don't forget about the Prince and Hair Apparent: Trevor Lawrence will be eligible for a new deal

The Jacksonville Jaguars' financial position allows them to retain both Calvin Ridley and Josh Allen, but they must also account for other contractual obligations. For instance, quarterback Trevor Lawrence is eligible for a contract extension in 2024. Similarly, cornerback Tyson Campbell, safety Andre Cisco, and offensive lineman Walker Littler — all ascending players — will enter the last year of their respective rookie deals.

While Ridley and Allen should be their immediate priority, the Jaguars must also plan for Lawrence's potential extension, which could take up a significant amount of cap space down the road. When everything is said and done, he could have signed a monster deal and become the highest-paid player in league history but that's a discussion for another time. 

This is why the decision to re-sign Ridley and Allen will be strategic for the Jaguars. Both players have shown consistent performances and have the potential to influence the team's future trajectory.

As the 2023 season unfolds, the Jaguars' management will closely monitor Ridley and Allen's performances, which could ultimately influence their decision. The future of the franchise hangs in the balance, making the 2023 season a crucial one in the team's history. 

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