AFC South QB rankings after final preseason game

Jacksonville Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence
Jacksonville Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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3. Anthony Richardson, Colts

Next up is the second of two rookie quarterbacks in this division. Anthony Richardson is ranked just above Stroud, but not by much. The reason for his ranking is simply because he has flashed more in the preseason than Stroud did, and that's exactly where we're at right now. These are the post-preseason rankings, and they will more than likely change sooner rather than later.

Richardson's physical tools were on full display during the preseason, as we saw him make a couple of excellent, noteworthy plays with both his arm and legs.

Richardson definitely has a stronger arm than Stroud and is built differently. He's a stronger, more physical player overall and can run with a purpose, whereas Stroud is more of a pocket passer with some mobile attributes. Richardson was certainly an example of a team picking a player based largely on potential and ceiling. But, if it pays off, the Colts will look all the wiser.

The above play shows just how strong of an arm Richardson possesses, getting that ball out and on a rope in a hurry. If he can consistently make plays like that, Richardson will find himself even higher on these rankings down the line. For now, the rookie stays toward the bottom along with his fellow first-year pro, Stroud.