Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 mistakes to avoid in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Mistake #2: Taking a wide-receiver in the first round

The Jacksonville Jaguars need to avoid selecting a WR in round one.

The Jacksonville Jaguars could probably use another wide receiver but they might not even think so. The worst thing that they could do in this draft is select a wide receiver. After trading for Calvin Ridley during the season and getting him back now, they really don't need to waste a high pick on that.

The depth at the position in the organization is decent and the depth at the position in the draft is good enough to consider one later on with a different selection.

If they are dead set on a skill position with pick 24, a tight end would be a much bigger need for them as we don't know the long-term future of Evan Engram with this team. Hopefully, he does stick around in the long term because Lawrence loves having him but they might want to think about another one.

As long as they don't use pick 24 on a wide receiver, they should get a major need with this selection which could be the difference in a deep playoff run or not.