AFC South QB rankings following the 2023 NFL Draft

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The AFC South is a weak division in a lot of areas. The Jacksonville Jaguars came up and won it in 2022 after starting the season 2-6.

It was a great sign of things to come for the Jags but it was also possible because the other teams in the division didn't do what they needed to in order to keep them down once they started 2-6.

All of them, however, seem to have young quarterbacks that they are hoping lead them to the promised land which is always exciting.

If every one of them lives up to their potential, this could become a powerhouse division in short order. This is the division ranked by their quarterback play:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the best quarterback in the division.

Trevor Lawrence is the best quarterback in the AFC South Division. At this point in time, it probably isn't even really close. He is closer to being the second-best quarterback in the NFL than he is the second-best quarterback in this division.

Lawrence took huge steps in 2022 which included playing so well that they were able to come back and not only make the playoffs but win a game.

His development into an elite player has been and will continue to be crucial for this organization but he is on the right track.

Lawrence has the ability to read defenses and make his throws but he also has the ability to find ways to win. He has shown that even going back to his days at Clemson. This could be the year where we see him take an even bigger step which has to be scary for the rest of the AFC to think about.