A grade for the Jacksonville Jaguars after the 2023 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the rest of the National Football League have the 2023 NFL Draft behind them.

It was a great event for the Jaguars as they brought in some players that are going to help them out in the future.

After a great 2022 season, they have a lot to look forward to. With some of the pieces that they have in place, the Jaguars should be very excited about what's to come.

During the draft, they addressed some needs and took some risks. It will be very interesting to see how all of these prospects fit in over the years.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a lot of selections in the 2023 NFL Draft.

In the first round, Jacksonville traded back twice. That moved them down from pick 24 to pick 27. With that 27th pick, the Jaguars selected Anton Harrison.

He is an offensive lineman that is going to come to the Jaguars with the intention of helping Trevor Lawrence stay on his feet.

On day two of the draft, Jacksonville took some risks and drafted a couple of skill-position players on offense. Brenton Strange is a tight end and Tank Bigsby is a running back that are both trying to come in and help the offense score even more points.

Remarkably, they made ten selections on day three of the event which means they had 13 total picks throughout the entire draft. Clearly, Trent Baalke sees value in quantity. It might not be him maximizing all of those picks but it could be considering they are a step away from being a Super Bowl team.

They took Ventrell Miller, Tyler Lacy, Yasir Abdullah, Antonio Johnson, Parker Washington, Christian Beaswell, Erick Hallett II, Cooper Hodges, Raymond Vohasek, and Derek Parish. There is a lot of defense mixed in there with a few offensive players.

With the way that the Jaguars defense played in 2022 (24th ranked), they could use some improvement. Of course, the offense carried them into the playoffs. With a few improvements on the defense and some growth within the offense, a lot can be accomplished.

The overall needs of the team were somewhat met in the draft. They probably could have done things different in the later rounds with that number of picks under their name but they chose to make all of the selections. If even a few of these players make an impact this year, huge things could happen.

Final 2023 Draft Grade: B-

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