5 best quarterbacks on Jacksonville Jaguars 2023 schedule

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5. Deshaun Watson

The Cleveland Browns are hoping that Deshaun Watson has a good year.

Deshaun Watson has dealt with lots of off-the-field stuff since coming to the NFL. The Houston Texans traded him away to the Cleveland Browns ahead of last season.

He wasn't able to play until well into the year. Before missing all of those games, he was one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

We don't know if all that time off will mess with his game on the field but we will see next year. As of right now, he looks like the fifth-best quarterback that the Jaguars will face in 2023.

The Cleveland Browns will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14 on December 10th. The Browns may be good and they may be awful. A lot will depend on his production on the field.

The rest of the schedule is mostly filled with first or second-year quarterbacks so the top five that Jacksonville will face are pretty clear. Getting wins against these guys will go a long way in terms of experience.

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