5 best quarterbacks on Jacksonville Jaguars 2023 schedule

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3. Josh Allen

Josh Allen is very much one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL now.

Because the Jaguars came in first place last year, they are seeing all of the teams that came in first place last year.

Of course, most of the first-place teams in the NFL are there because they have elite quarterbacks. Well, the Buffalo Bills are no different.

The Jaguars have to play the three best quarterbacks in the NFL. You already heard about Mahomes and Burrow and now it is time for Josh Allen.

Allen is certainly a top quarterback in the league. There have been times when he is the second-best in the league but right now he is firmly the third-best.

He has a big frame that is hard to get and he uses that skill to win football games. He is mobile and accurate which is always something that will help someone win.

It should be fun to see the Bills and Jaguars meet. This one will take place in London in Week 5. It should be great to see these great quarterbacks meet on a grand stage overseas.