4 takes on the Jaguars 2022 season that didn't age well

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Things I was wrong about No. 3: The Jags weren't talented enough to beat an elite Dallas Cowboys team

By Week 14, my emotions were all over the place. Since proving me wrong against the Raiders, the Jaguars had collected an as-expected loss to the Chiefs, two exciting victories against the Ravens and Titans, and a confounding blowout loss to the Lions. I was wrong about that Lions game too, but that's hardly worth mentioning.

Who were these guys, and what was anyone to make of them from week to week? It was hard to say. But as far as I was concerned, when I looked at the visiting Dallas Cowboys, I saw an elite 10-3 team that I thought was simply too talented for our plucky Jags to take down.

It wasn't a controversial opinion to hold, and I'm sure a lot of Jaguars fans who think of themselves as objective thought the same. Trailing 21-7 at halftime, I bet most of us were sadly shaking our heads in an "I knew it" sort of way.

And then, once again the Jaguars flipped a switch. Once again, you can relive it below. Once again, I highly encourage it! Great googly moogly, I love these videos:

It's not so terrible to be wrong about thinking your 5-8 team was going to lose to a 10-3 Dallas team. With embarrassing losses to the lowly Colts and Texans on their resumé, it was a reasonable prognostication. When Trevor Lawrence fumbled with less than two minutes left in regulation, I definitely thought the comeback was over.

"The best of us must sometimes eat our words"

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