4 takes on the Jaguars 2022 season that didn't age well

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Return of the writer: 4 Jaguars topics I was wrong about in 2022

Greetings fellow Jags fans! First things first: it’s been a minute since I was able to contribute to Black & Teal. It’s great to be back! A lot happened while I was gone. Like - a LOT. So, what better way to make a return than to revisit the Jaguars' historic 2022 season?

Prior to this column, I have made a concerted effort to avoid a first person voice in my writing. You haven’t seen me use words like “me” or “I.” To this point, I’ve opted to use a third person voice in an effort to maintain a sense of objectivity in my columns, even though they were, at their core, distinctly editorial in nature as they were chock full of interesting insights, opinions and observations.

Anyway, this particular column is a retrospective of opinions held by me and only me from the last year. It’s an inventory of thoughts, either shared publicly or held personally, that is impossible to impart in a way other than in my own voice.

Writers sometimes have bad takes, and I've had a few

I can sense you asking, "So, what are these fascinating insights?" After all, with such an extended absence, my last public statement on the Jaguars was an... ahem... direct statement about ticket sales and fan attendance in Week 8.

Well, that’s why this column is so different from my previous posts. Because believe it or not, even though I didn’t put it on the internet for the world to see, I continued to experience lots of thoughts and emotions throughout the balance of our beloved Jaguars’ roller-coaster season.

And some of those thoughts and opinions were wrong. And I’m going to tell them to you now, even though I don’t have to.