3 winners (and 2 losers) for Jaguars in Week 3 loss to Texans

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have a few players to be happy with right now.

1. Trevor Lawrence

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't need to worry about Trevor Lawrence. Although we have been waiting for him to truly explode so far this season, he is still showing signs of that elite player we saw in 2023. He had a decent game against the Texans outside of not getting the win.

He went 27/40 with 279 yards and a touchdown. He also threw one interception which needs to be cleaned up a tad. He is a great talent but it would be nice to see it just be a little more obvious early in the season.

The Jaguars will go wherever Lawrence takes them. He is a magnificent player that needs to keep getting better as the weeks go on. This loss should motivate him as well which is definitely a good thing heading into Europe.

2. Travis Etienne

Travis Etienne was unreal on Sunday. He rushed 19 times for 88 yards. Tank Bigsby punched in the one touchdown that the Jaguars had on the ground but Etienne did a lot of the ball carrying for tons of yards throughout the game.

Etienne should be considered as one of the best in the league. Despite his reputation (or lack thereof), he deserves to be known for how amazing he is on the field and a good person away from it. Hopefully, there are many more years to come with him in Jacksonville.

3. Christian Kirk

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a great day with Christian Kirk. He was great last week and managed to be amazing again in this game. Kirk had four catches for 54 yards. He also had a touchdown reception which boosted his numbers as well.

Kirk has the ability to have big games whenever he wants. Lawrence also clearly trusts him which is nice. Expect Kirk to play a big role for the rest of the season as the Jaguars look to bounce back.