3 Volunteers the Jacksonville Jaguars could target in Round 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft

Capital One Orange Bowl - Clemson v Tennessee
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No. 1 Tennessee prospect the Jacksonville Jaguars could draft: Byron Young

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Coming out of Carvers Bay High School, Bryon Young was overlooked, underestimated, and dismissed. So with no collegiate offers from any D1 programs, Byron Young decided to take a year off to work at a Dollar General before opting on the JUCO journey to the 2023 NFL draft. He went to the Georgia Military College in 2019 and played his heart out. 

Young excelled and impressed in JUCO, and despite a canceled season due to Covid in 2020, he was the 10th-ranked JUCO player in the Nation. Not bad, but not good enough for Young. He still had a rather large chip on his shoulder he needed to get off, so out to Tennessee he went to further establish himself as an NFL-worthy defender.

In his two years with the Volunteers, Young has been a prominent playmaker and dominant force on the line. He exhibits raw athleticism, flexibility, and an ability to change directions around the edges of the blockers. He has an indescribable slickness, like soapy water or oil, linemen have a hard time getting their hands planted on him. Watch this video of Will Levis getting sacked to get an idea of his slippery behavior. 

Scouts and analysts note he blows past tackles with insane speed off the snap, has a relentless motor, and incredible athleticism. Byron Young is still developing but has shown in his journey that he has the drive to continue to improve. For example, this year, his upper body strength gave way to an impressive new swim move. 

Young was in the 98th percentile in the broad jump and 40-yard dash. Watch his 40 at the combine, where he runs a 4.51, and see his speed in action. Fast as it is, he is officially clocked at a blazing 4.43. 

We know the Jaguars are looking at a defensive line and EDGE rushers in the draft. Assuming they don't take one with the 24th pick in the first round, they could do far worse than Byron Young in the second. 

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