3 remaining options for the Jaguars to add a pass rusher before the 2023 NFL season

• The enigmatic pass rusher

• The trusted veteran

• The multifaceted option

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No 2. Jaguars pass rush option: The veteran Melvin Ingram

Outside linebacker Melvin Ingram's tenure in the NFL has been marked by his ability to perform at a high level consistently. Despite his age, Ingram has maintained a remarkable level of play, earning overall and pass-rush grades above 70.0 for eight consecutive seasons.

His effectiveness as a pass rusher and his experience and leadership make him an appealing option for teams needing a veteran presence on their defensive line. The Jaguars, with their need for additional depth at the defensive end, could benefit from Ingram's skills and knowledge of the game. His ability to make impactful plays, even in a rotational role, would provide valuable support to a defense seeking to take the next step.

Ingram could be a game-changer for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2023. With their already surprising success in the 2022 season, adding a player of Ingram's caliber would further elevate their chances of becoming title contenders. All things considered, Jacksonville would be an ideal landing spot for Ingram, and it's easy to see why. His presence on the field would improve their defense and bring valuable leadership and experience to the team.

Ingram's skill set includes his ability to rush the passer, set the edge against the run, and disrupt opposing offenses. His versatility would fit well with the Jaguars' defensive scheme and could potentially elevate their overall performance on that side of the ball. The bottom line is that with his proven track record and potential impact, Ingram could play a vital role in the Jaguars' quest for success in 2023.