3 potential replacements for Jaguars DT DaVon Hamilton in light of his back injury

The Jaguars have a Davon Hamilton-zide hole on defense: Here are three options to replace the ascending defensive tackle in light of his back injury
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Potential Replacements for DaVon Hamilton

The Jaguars have several options to consider when it comes to replacing Hamilton. Let's take a closer look at three potential candidates:

1. Chris Wormley

Defensive lineman Chris Wormley, currently a free agent, could be one of the primary candidates to step into Hamilton's shoes. Wormley brings a wealth of experience to the team, having played for the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As recently as two weeks ago, the New York Giants hosted Wormley for a visit. His versatility and ability to play both inside and outside on the defensive line make him a valuable asset.

2. Ndamukong Suh

Another potential replacement for Hamilton is veteran defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, a proven playmaker with a track record of success in the NFL.

Suh's size, strength, and ability to disrupt opposing offenses would make him a formidable presence on the Jaguars' defensive line. However, it remains to be seen if Jacksonville would be able to acquire him.

Just recently, Suh said he wasn't interested in being in training camp and that he was in no rush to find to join a new team. With training camp now in the books, it might be a good idea to get in touch with him.

3. Linval Joseph

Linval Joseph, a former Pro Bowl defensive tackle, could also be a viable option for the Jaguars. Joseph has a reputation for being a run-stuffing specialist and has consistently been a force on the defensive line throughout his career. His experience and leadership could be invaluable to a young Jaguars defense looking to fill the void left by Hamilton's injury.