3 notable Jacksonville Jaguars players missing from OTA's

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The Jacksonville Jaguars got OTAs underway on Monday and it was very exciting to see everyone there. This is going to be a great 2023 season and everyone is already all fired up.

From Trevor Lawrence to notable players on defense, Doug Pederson was very impressed with the turnout of his veteran players.

With a team that has vibes like the Jacksonville Jaguars have right now, it is good to see everyone excited about getting the season started.

Unfortunately, there were a few big names missing from the group that you'd like to see get there as soon as possible. These are the three most notable veterans missing from OTAs:

1. Evan Engram

Evan Engram is unsurprisingly missing from Jacksonville Jaguars OTAs.

Although it is less than ideal, Evan Engram missing from OTAs is not all that surprising. He was tendered a franchise tag but he has yet to sign it.

The tight end had a great year (his first) with the Jacksonville Jaguars last year and Trevor Lawrence clearly enjoyed having a stud at that position.

The Jaguars might not have the position locked up in the long term but they need Engram to sign his tag and be with the team in 2023. He deserves to be amongst the highest-paid tight ends in the NFL but he will get there if he has another great year in Jacksonville.

It isn't the worst thing of all time that he isn't at OTAs but it is a gentle reminder that the situation does not have a resolution yet. We can only hope that comes soon because the Jaguars will be better with Engram in the mix.