3 Most Overrated Jacksonville Jaguars of All Time, 1 HC makes the cut

As we wind down the long wait until the beginning of the 2024 regular season, there's still time for some off-season content. Let's look at the three most overrated contributors to the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise so far.
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When compiling a list of overrated contributors in Jacksonville Jaguars history, it's important to first define what one means by "overrated." To be overrated generally means to be held in higher esteem than one deserves. To be clear, this is largely opinion based. In fact, there are multiple opinions at play here; the overall opinion held by the majority, the opinion held by the list-maker, and the opinion of the list-maker of the opinions held by the overall majority.

In short, this is a highly inexact science. So, if you as a reader disagree, that's fine. These are just opinions.

If this article was simply about the three most overrated Jaguars of all time at any point in their career, it'd be easy to look at the highest-drafted busts or most overpaid free agents. Guys like Luke Joeckel, Jerry Porter, and Hugh Douglas are easily identifiable instant candidates if that were the criteria.

But, that's not what this column will be addressing. This column will address the most overrated Jaguars in terms of their legacy as currently held by the fans and media who watched them, and, more importantly, remember them.

It's also crucial to point out that it's very difficult to land on an overrated list without being somewhat good in the first place. There's no way for Joeckel, Porter or Douglas to get on a list like this because everyone now agrees that they were terrible. It's far more likely to find Jaguars on this list who were at least pretty good, if not very good.

So, this list is not a condemnation of these individuals as "bad." Rather, it's a list of Jaguars who were "not as good" as folks seem to think.

No. 3 most overrated contributor in Jaguars history: Brad Meester

Brad Meester was drafted by the Jaguars in 2000, and played through the 2013 season with Jacksonville. His durability and longevity cannot be questioned. He started 209 games and holds franchise records for seasons and games played, total games started and consecutive games started.

But, longevity and durability in and of themselves do not equate to an all-time great, and that's how some fans and media seem to perceive him.

"The best center in Jaguars history, there is a good reason Brad Meester was the second-highest ranked offensive lineman on the Jaguars All-25 list, trailing only left tackle Tony Boselli, who came in at No. 1 overall. One of the most underrated centers in recent NFL history considering the fact that he never made an All-Pro or Pro Bowl team despite frequently being deserving of it, Meester's legacy in Jacksonville is as strong today as it was when he was anchoring Jacksonville's offensive line."

John Shipley, Jaguars Report

As Shipley points out even while praising him, Meester never made an All-Pro or Pro Bowl team. To mention him in the same breath as Boselli is absurd, and yet you will hear that kind of talk on sports talk radio at times. There are several offensive linemen in Jaguars history who would be ranked higher than him in terms of ability.

Brad Meester was an adequate player with tremendous durability. The durability is worth something, but not as much as it seems some would attest.