T-Minus Five Days: 3 Jaguars players who must get off to a hot start in 2023

Here are 3 Jaguars players whose name doesn't start with T, one from each phase of the game, that need to get off to good starts.

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
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No. 2 Jaguars player who must get off to a hot start in 2023: Andre Cisco, S

It's been well-documented that safety Andre Cisco is on the rise. Drafted in the same class as Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne, he is predicted to have a breakout year. He was the highest-rated third-round pick by the end of the 2021 season and became an every-down player in 2022. His importance to the team is two-pronged.

Along with the rest of the team, Cisco must improve his tackling. The Jaguars ranked 28th in missed tackles last year, and Cisco missed over 12 percent of his tackles attempted last year, two percentage points higher than the league average at his position. This is magnified by the fact that safeties are usually the last line of defense.

If Cisco misses tackles, big gains occur, the chains are moved, and the defense has to stay on the field. He added some bulk in the offseason, and hopefully, it will pay dividends in taking down the likes of Travis Kelce.

Not only does Travis Kelce (currently dealing with a knee injury) line up against the Jaguars this season, but so does Mark Andrews, George Kittle, Kyle Pitts, Pat Freiermuth. David Njoku, Dalton Schultz, and Dawson Knox. That list includes some of the better tight ends in the league. From my vantage point in the South End Zone of the Bank, the middle of the field behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties always seemed wide open for opposing offenses and was prime real estate for the tight end.

Look no further than the last three games of last season where opposing tight ends went for a whopping 23 receptions for 249 yards, and six touchdowns. While some of the problem is with the scheme, Cisco must get better at recognizing formations, covering the middle of the field, and tackling the big boys.