Jaguars: The first overall pick may be coming to the AFC South

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the number one overall pick in the 2022 and 2021 NFL Draft. They have clearly been doing a great job with their team building because they want to come into the 2023 season as contenders to win the AFC and maybe more.

They won the AFC South one year after completing that back-to-back of first-overall picks. It was an impressive division title for them.

Now, it is very possible that the first overall pick comes back to the AFC South in the form of a Jaguars rival. Obviously, that would mean a trade is completed as the Chicago Bears currently own that top selection in the 2023 draft.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that the Bears are going to trade the pick. They have Justin Fields in place so they don’t need to select one of the big quarterbacks in the draft. As a result, a quarterback desperate team is going to give up a haul for this selection.

A Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South rival could end up with the first overall pick.

The Tennesse Titans can use a plan at quarterback going forward but they probably don’t have a 2023 pick high enough to make this trade with Chicago. You can probably rule them out.

The Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, on the other hand, could absolutely land that pick from the Bears. In that case, as mentioned before, the first overall pick would be made by an AFC South team for the third year in a row.

Both the Texans and Colts will probably be drafting quarterbacks so the Jaguars will be seeing whoever those picks are during the season. Bryce Young (Alabama) and CJ Stroud (Ohio State) are the two top guys.

It will be interesting to see if these teams end up with them or one of the other quarterbacks that are rumored to be selected in the first round.

Will Levis (Kentucky) and Anthony Richardson (Florida) are both players that could end up selected by the Titans as well who are (as mentioned before) going to for sure be out of the mix for the top two. All four of these guys have a chance to be impact players though.

This has to be painful for the Houston Texans. They had the number one pick in the bag but a miracle win in the final game of the season on the final play of the game (with a two-point conversion) handed it to Chicago. Now, they’d have to trade up a spot to get it.

It won’t take long for these division rivals to ascend in the standings over the years. The Jaguars need to take advantage of being the best team while they can because some good players (likely quarterbacks) are coming to these rivals.

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