Jaguars Mock Draft: Huge trade for a WR, add more help on offense

A Jaguars fan in the crowd holds a DUUUVAL Draft. [Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]Jki 042822 Jags2022draftpa 11
A Jaguars fan in the crowd holds a DUUUVAL Draft. [Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]Jki 042822 Jags2022draftpa 11 /
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Jacksonville Jaguars, 2023 NFL Draft
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The last few rounds in the draft could be very helpful for the Jaguars.

The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have a fifth round pick in the 2023 NFL draft and it isn’t because of this mock. They actually traded it away in real life.

Round Six – Pick 186 – via New York Jets

Hurricanes . Will Mallory. 6. player. 834. . TE

The Jacksonville Jaguars could very well lose Evan Engram in 2023. He is a free agent that had an outstanding year with Trevor Lawrence over this past season so now tons of teams are going to be begging for his services.

Whether they retain him for a few more years or not, they should be looking for new tight ends to help out anyway. If they skip on some of the good ones in the early rounds, they could take a chance on Will Mallory out of Miami.

Getting reps behind Engram or getting a chance to be the main tight end for Lawrence both have their pros and cons. If he is there at a proper spot for the Jaguars to take him, they should.

Round Six – Pick 209 – via Philadelphia Eagles

6. player. 872. . LB. Horned Frogs . Dee Winters

TCU just made a very deep run in the College Football Playoff. It is one of the most remarkable runs a team has made in the existence of this format. The experience that the players from that team can bring to an NFL locker room is going to be very valuable.

Dee Winters is a linebacker that might be able to come in and help the Jaguars in the middle of the defense. At this point in the draft, you want to be giving yourself the best chance of improving your team and filling your needs with winners is a great way to do that.

Round Seven – Pick 229 – via Carolina Panthers

813. . C. Hoosiers . Caleb Murphy. 7. player

The Jaguars could use some help at center. They could sign one but they should also consider drafting one to develop and give a chance.

Caleb Murphy is someone who can help them. He is a center coming out of Indiana. This could be something that really helps the team’s offensive line during a very important off-season. Taking a big step in 2023, as mentioned a bunch, is important and protecting the quarterback is a big key.

The defense gets some help in this draft but the offense is given some big pieces so that they can compete with the big boys in the AFC.

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