Tim Tebow has golden opportunity in Jaguars training camp

Tim Tebow #85 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Tim Tebow #85 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Tight end Tim Tebow has physically committed to his new role with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Many were skeptical of just why the Jacksonville Jaguars signed Tim Tebow to play tight end.  However, as Jaguars’ training camp progresses, it has become evident that the Florida product has put in the physical work required to play the position and has made a positive impression.

As you can see above, the former NFL quarterback has gained more than enough good weight to endure the rigors of the position. Jacksonville hopes that his mental capacity to learn the new position will match his physical preparation to this point.

This is the perfect opportunity for Tim Tebow to make the Jaguars roster.

An old adage says another man’s misfortune opens the door of opportunity for another. It is no secret that the Jacksonville Jaguars have been seeking answers at the tight end position. However, their search results have been seemingly minute in the grand scheme of operations in Duval.

With that being said, James O’Shaughnessy, one of the top tight ends on the Jags’ depth chart is currently missing time in training camp due to an ankle injury. For Tebow, this means more reps with the higher strings in practice.

There’s a good chance the 2010 first-round pick will receive even more opportunities to prove himself until O’Shaugnessy is back at full strength. Above all, Tebow still has an uphill battle ahead of him for the remainder of training camp.

Tim Tebow is an exception to not getting caught up in non-padded practices.

Year after year, many become easily infatuated with undrafted free agents and roster longshots impressing early on in numerous NFL training camps. However, anyone can look great in shorts and a helmet — the game changes when the pads come on. Increased physicality and higher intensity will demand attention to detail from the best NFL players to execute.

The former Gator is no stranger to change and is the perfect candidate to make a successful position change as training camp ramps up in intensity. After all, he’s put in the work and has done everything he’s been asked to do.

Tim Tebow has been an NFL rookie, a journeyman free agent, and a new player in an entirely different sport. Yet, if there is anyone that can defy the odds, it is him. Long story short: Never underestimate what he is capable of.

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