Jacksonville Jaguars can model the Kansas City Chiefs’ blueprint to success

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell poses with Jaguars fans during the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, April 25, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn.Gw41772
NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell poses with Jaguars fans during the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, April 25, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn.Gw41772 /

Early in the season, I wrote about the similarities between the 2020 Jacksonville Jaguars team and the 2019 Miami Dolphins and how the Jaguars could follow the Dolphin’s offseason blueprint in how they handled free agency and the draft. Yesterday, I came across an article by Kevin Clark of The Ringer where he sits down with Brett Veach, the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, and discusses how the Chiefs have been able to become the NFL’s top dynasty in just a few short years.

While there aren’t really any similarities between the Jaguars and the Chiefs, a few specific aspects of Kansas City’s success stood out to me. And these aspects are something Jacksonville can very well apply to their own team operations in 2021.

Jaguars can redefine the term “system”

Forget about a “system” on offense. The biggest key to the Chiefs’ success is that they threw out the traditional systems that most offenses operate under. Instead, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid focused on each player’s skill set. Patrick Mahomes played in an Air Raid System in college? Let him air it out. Clyde Edwards-Helaire‘s versatility at running back? Get him more involved in the passing game.

Two crucial words that Veach used to describe Reid and what he does for his offense are “expand” and “adapt”. These same words can be applied to Jaguar’s new head coach Urban Meyer. Meyer will be working with plenty of playmakers in Jacksonville. He’ll have James Robinson, D.J. Chark Jr., Laviska Shenault Jr., and expected Trevor Lawrence. Highlight each of their strengths and use that to empower the Jaguars’ offense.

Coach and general manager relationship important for the Jaguars

A lacking relationship between coach and general manager will end in failure. The reason Reid and Veech have done so well in Kansas City is that they have constructed a partnership where Reid focuses on the game plan and player development while Veech focuses on drafting players, trades, and signing free agents.

Urban Meyer and Trent Baalke already have a good relationship, which is great for Jacksonville. For the most part, Meyer and Baalke can split responsibilities in the same way, The only difference is, Meyer would be more involved with scouting than Reid is because he has a keen eye for talent. He scouted five-star prospects in college all of the time.

Jaguars can turn things around

It really doesn’t take more than adding the right players and coaching personnel to turn a franchise around. Ask the San Francisco 49ers. They went 4-12 in 2018 before going 13-3 in 2019 and reaching the Super Bowl. In 2012, the Chiefs went 2-14. In seven out of the eight years following, they appeared in the playoffs and even won a Super Bowl.

dark. Next. Brian Schottenheimer can help transform the Jacksonville Jaguar’s offense

The Jaguars may be a little further away from reaching the Super Bowl than these teams were due to their entire regime change. But the point is, the Chiefs have set a good blueprint for success in place. Why not follow suit?