Why the Jacksonville Jaguars should trade up for Florida TE Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts and Trevor Lawrence could become a legendary NFL duo.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a unique opportunity to move up and down the 2021 NFL draft board as they please. The Jaguars currently possess 11 selections, and in reality, draft prospects after the first round are not guaranteed success at the NFL level. Presuming Jacksonville takes Trevor Lawrence with the first overall selection, the ‘Jags’ draft arsenal can be used to trade up for 2021’s best tight end prospect.

Former Florida Gator Kyle Pitts has the ability to be Lawrence’s most reliable and favorite target from day one. The larger and more talented the target for a young signal-caller, the better. Former Los Angeles Charger quarterback Philip Rivers would be inclined to agree.

Rivers and teammate Antonio Gates formed a legendary 16-year connection that combined for:

  • 955 catches
  • 11,841 receiving yards
  • 89 touchdowns (NFL record between QB and TE)

Pitts’ blend of size, speed, and versatility paired with Lawrence could replicate a similar type of connection at the NFL level.

Kyle Pitts’ athleticism and size are what the Jaguars need.

Standing at 6’6″ and weighing approximately 240 lbs, Kyle Pitts was a human highlight reel for the Florida Gators in 2020. No matter what opposing defenders threw his way, Pitts found a way to reel the ball in for 12 touchdowns in eight games played.

Not only is he incredibly strong, the Florida Gator standout has the ability to lineup anywhere in offense and dominates with both agility and speed.

Current Jaguars tight ends Tyler Eifert and James O’Shaughnessy combined for only 611 yards and two receiving touchdowns in 2020. The team needs an injection of talent at the position, and what better way for the team to make a statement than by trading up for one of the most complete tight end prospects in the past decade? There is risk involved for the Jaguars by trading up, however, the rewards would affect more than just the tight end position on Jacksonville’s 2021 offense.

Pitts will take pressure off the other offensive skill players on the Jaguars.

The Jaguars have a dynamic offensive player in running back James Robinson. Aside from him, the wide receiver corps possesses a talented group of players that have varying skillsets. A tight end of Kyle Pitts’ caliber will force opposing defensive coordinators to focus on slowing down a dynamic threat. In reality, it will spread out the offense and create more one on one matchups for the other skill players on the team; especially in the red zone.

If the 2021 NFL draft board falls in the Jaguars favor and Pitts slides, a trade up for arguably the best offensive skill player in the draft shouldn’t be completely out of the question.