The Jacksonville Jaguars need to finish the NFL Draft with a flurry

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After a two-day feast where the team was able to add major pieces to their roster, can the Jacksonville Jaguars finish the NFL Draft with a flurry?

Four picks. For areas of need. Just like my colleague Joshua Walker said, the Jacksonville Jaguars are following their script and winning the NFL Draft. As the final day is only a few hours away, this team is still in need of depth at several positions, but the front office must feel better about the place they are in heading into Saturday’s events.

Now comes the hardest part of what has been the combination of months of planning for this organization. With eight picks and seven hours of draft time, can general David Caldwell finish off his masterpiece? There are still holes on the offensive line. There is still a need for a safety. Quarterback Gardner Minshew could use another target to throw at you. Hunter Bryant is out there at tight end. And yes if the team can secure a running back or quarterback late in the draft, I would advise them to do it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Jacksonville Jaguars weren’t either, but Caldwell as trying to re-configure this roster in 72 hours.

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Every button he has pushed so far has worked. With a few minor questions about which players were available last night, everything has been positive. When’s the last time you said this about our team here in North Florida? This needs to continue today.

For a writer, this is the busiest day of the Draft. It’s also the most stressful. And the Jaguars have done us no favors by acquiring so many picks. I suppose this is a test of fortitude for us as well. There is still plenty of excitement amongst the Jaguars faithful. If you read comments made on social media there are more in favor of the good instead of the bad. Maybe this game plan, that Walker alludes to as well, with the hope of a huge payoff.

Maybe the front office knows something we don’t now and has known it for quite a while. This organization wasn’t winning with the roster it had last year. The change was needed and no matter how much we tend to balk at change, it had to happen.

I feel like I’m supposed to say something inspirational, maybe something out of the movie “The Replacements”. But I’m not Keanu Reeves and this is not the last few seconds of a fictitious football game. It is the last day that Jaguars can make a lasting impression on the NFL Draft. I’m sure everyone in the front office is aware of that.

No, I don’t expect there to be eight players drafted by this team today. I do believe there will be trades even though I did predict it yesterday and it did not happen. What I do expect is for Caldwell, head coach Doug Marrone and the brain trust of this organization to continue to get it right. Anything else will be a let down for Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

The momentum has been too good over the past 48 hours. Anything else would be typical. Here’s a chance for this football team that has been a perennial loser to be anything but typical. It’s a chance for it to be outstanding.

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