Jacksonville Jaguars: Proving doubters wrong about this football team

Should the Jacksonville Jaguars use the underdog card this season to help the team get through a potentially rough 2020 NFL season?

The more I continue to read various websites, including our own FanSided.com, the more I like the fact the NFL pundits aren’t giving the Jacksonville Jaguars much of a chance to succeed this coming season.

It isn’t without reason as the roster the two past seasons has been more talented and yet the 53 players who sat in the team’s locker room could only manage 11 wins in a 24-month span. Now, with veterans being traded or released for various financial reasons, the “new look” Jacksonville Jaguars could prove national analysts wrong.

“The Jaguars are going through a teardown once again. It’s tough to see them winning more than three or four games this season,” writes Matt Verderame, who has the Jaguars last in his most recent power rankings.

That should only add fuel to the fire. The time isn’t right for there to be bulletin board material circulating through TIAA Bank Field, but players do follow the Internet. They are keenly aware of their surroundings. A 6-10 record should be motivation enough to want to do better in 2020. Having an opportunity to make an impact early in camp should also be enough to make players train a little harder in the offseason.

A “Jacksonville vs. Everybody” mentality would do the organization and the fanbase well. What better way to rally the troops by playing the disrespect card early in the football process.
The difficulties the Jacksonville Jaguars front office and coaching staff have dealt with because of limitations caused by the COVID-19 outbreak have changed how this team and the other 31 NFL franchises deal with the offseason.

“Normally, players will have physicals before they start the workouts; we have given them some tips on what they can do,” head coach Doug Marrone said via Jaguars.com. “We have touched base with many players just to say, ‘Hey, are you doing? OK? How do you feel? Let us know if you need anything.’ We have our [training staff] available.

“It has been a trying time. As far as us as coaches, we are trying to stay with the schedule knowing that things are obviously not open for us right now. And it is something that is changing throughout time.”

The plan is to proceed as normally as possible outside TIAA Bank Field in preparation for the NFL Draft later this month and looking at all areas that could help the Jaguars improve their roster. Maybe having such low expectations by the national media helps the team this coming season. Less pressure to win, more concentration on the mandate from owner Shad Khan for improvements in the front office and on the field.

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That might be a winning formula. It also might be the best way for the Jacksonville Jaguars to get back to playing consistent football. So many outside influences. So many doubters. It’s just enough encouragement to help the team flip the script on the 2020 NFL season.

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