Discipline continues to be an issue for the Jaguars

Do the Jacksonville Jaguars have a discipline problem?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have suffered two losses in two weeks and have had too many unnecessary penalties to show for their effort. It seems like the coaching staff is still not getting through to the players on the field.

While there have been plenty of other topics discussed this week with this franchise, the real question that needs to be asked is are the Jaguars out of control? Because from here it appears the answer is “yes”.

The ability to be coached and disciplined seems to be missing from across the league, but this week all eyes have been on the Jaguars with cornerback Jalen Ramsey and his sideline shenanigans with head coach Doug Marrone.

Why is this team continuing to have these same issues over and over again?

In Week 1 of the regular season, Myles Jack was ejected from the game for throwing a punch at Kansas City’s receiver Demarcus Robinson. Who can forget Leonard Fournette’s now-infamous suspension last season for charging the field in the Buffalo Bills game? It’s obvious we have the passion and amazing athletic talent on this team.

So what are we missing? How do we take those emotions and funnel them into the game and not into the sideshow antics?

Former Jaguars tackle Leon Searcy responded to that very issues. Per his Twitter account, he said, “Please stop telling me that Jalen Ramsey’s behavior is justified because he wants to win football games because I played with the great Rod Woodson who’s talent, integrity, respect and love for the game which Jalen Ramsey couldn’t hold a candlestick too. Armor truck that!!!”

What is the difference between when Searcy wore the Black and Teal 25 years ago and now with these players on our field? My belief is that it is their complete inability to be disciplined and coached.

Jack took it in stride, he addressed it publicly on the Mark Brunnell Show the following Monday night. He apologized, took accountability, committed that it wouldn’t happen again. That is what a coachable player looks like. He realized he acted foolishly after being ejected, His passion for his team was apparent. He is a member of the team, and his actions impacted his teammates.

Compare that to Ramsey’s press conference on Tuesday. You can pull the transcripts and watch it on Jaguars.com. No apology for his behavior. No accountability. No maturity. Just more Jalen Ramsey talking about Jalen Ramsey.

Leon Searcy’s days of Tom Coughlin coaching the team and the rigid discipline that he played under is not the same coaching that these young “superstars” are getting. They are making millions of dollars a year and all you hear are their entitlements, more money and how they ARE the team.

Players must remain coachable. Even as an All-Pro, even as a superstar.  Ask most successful players how they got there and they will say they had an amazing coach. Do we have that to offer to this talent?

Do we agree with every call made by this coaching staff? No. Was the loss to the Houston Texans hard to swallow because we had more faith in Garnder Minshew than the coaching staff did? Yes. The Jaguars are 0-2 this year, 0-4 in preseason, and 5-11 last season. We don’t agree with all of their decisions, but we aren’t paid to.

These guys are paid to do what they are told, just like any other employee out there. If Ramsey was my employee, he’d have been fired for such a blatant disregard for authority. Marrone downplayed the entire situation during his interview.  When you have big egos, you need better coaches.

Last year it was evident then and more so now that there was trouble in the locker room. It seems that we may be plagued with that again this season. We have a lack of team unity, we have a lack of cohesion. Is that due to a lack of leadership? You have to be coachable, but you also need to coach. These guys need a leader.

We thought Nick Foles would come in with enough moxie to calm these guys down. We won’t get to see if that makes a difference until halfway through the season now. Lack of discipline is being displayed in an abundance of penalties, continued antics, and a lack of wins.

This franchise needs to come together with the front office, the coaches, the captains, the players, and find a winning solution and be a team. That is when this will turn around.

I can only hope that is done for the Tennessee Titans match up on national television.

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