Will Jaguars QB Blake Bortles get interest from other teams?

Are there any teams that have been waiting for the Jaguars to release Blake Bortles so that they can sign him?

Now that the Jaguars have reportedly come to an agreement with Nick Foles, will Blake Bortles find any suitors? This thought crossed my mind when I read a headline about the Foles’ deal.

The Dolphins, Giants, and Redskins were also mentioned as having interest in Foles. With Washington getting Case Keenum from the Broncos in a trade, we can probably scratch them from the list. But are the Dolphins and Giants still looking for a starting quarterback?

The Dolphins have been rumored to be looking to replace Ryan Tannehill and the Giants Eli Manning is 38. Do either of those teams consider Bortles? The Eagles will be without their backup quarterback, will they take a look at the former first round draft pick?

Are there any other teams that may be interested in a four-year starter at a reduced salary? Tom Brady says he wants to play until he’s 45, but are the Patriots willing to gamble on him holding up physically? Are they in the market for a backup?

Philip Rivers is 37, and while he still seems to be going strong, would the Chargers take a look at Bortles as his backup? Drew Brees is 40. Will the Saints be interested? Jimmy Garoppolo is only 27 but is coming off an ACL injury that sent the 49ers to 4-12 last year. Will they be looking for an insurance policy in case he doesn’t make it back to his former level or if he has another injury?

The Jaguars may be moving on from Blake Bortles, but if he lands with another team it’s likely that he’ll be moving up to a better offense.

The Dolphins are the only team that could be considered in worse condition than the Jaguars offensively, with an offensive line that has consistently ranked lower and offensive weapons (running back, tight end, and wide receiver) that have not fared any better than the ones in Jacksonville.

The Chargers offensive line has been worse, while the Giants offensive line has been about the same as Jacksonville’s. However, both of those franchises have had much better offensive weapons at running back, tight end, and wide receiver.

The other four teams (New England, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco) have all had much better offensivesthan the one here with the Jaguars.

Any of these teams would be upgrade over the Jaguars for Bortles. If he is signed by one of them and sees any playing time, his chances for success will increase significantly.