Jalen Ramsey GQ Story Criticism Was Unfair and Over the Top


Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is an awesome football player who has, on occasion, allowed his comments to get him into trouble.  

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is a player who plays on the edge.  That makes him a great player but can get him into trouble with the media at times. This morning (Wednesday) on the Adam Schein show on Sirius NFL radio there were comments and a daily question about Ramsey and his recent issues with the media.

To start, his anger with the media filming the fight between Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue was not appropriate but understandable in context. He should not have posted his comments on Twitter.  However, young and aggressive men practicing a physical and sometimes violent game in 90-plus degree heat can cause many issues.

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone made a good decision by suspending him.  It sent a message to him and the team to ratchet down the talk and play the game.

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That said I was surprised to read about a story on GQ that caused some very negative comments by the media.  In fact, I decided to read the story for myself.  That story can be found online here.   The major negativity was based on his comments about NFL quarterbacks.

When you read the story, you will be surprised to learn that the majority of his opinions were positive. Deshawn Watson will be an MVP someday.  He believes Kirk Cousins is a winner.  Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers comments were positive as well.  Derek Carr is good and Russell Wilson is good. Jared Goff is above average and Nick Foles is good enough to win a Super Bowl.

He also spoke well of Blake Bortles play during the 2017 playoffs.

The negative comments were clearly his opinion.  He mildly dissed Ben Roethlesberger and Eli Manning and said that Matt Ryan was overrated.  His most negative comments were about Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills.  He played on a team that didn’t compete with top tier talent.  That may or may not be an issue for Allen.

The bottom line is that he spoke his mind and was not politically correct.  He didn’t threaten and merely gave his opinion.  Surprisingly, I found his opinions to reflect my own for the most part.  It’s probably not wise for him to produce bulletin board material for opposing teams but to date he has produced when in the game.

Marrone will need to walk a tightrope with Jalen but he is very capable of doing just that.