Jacksonville Jaguars fans are going to need this Wyoming Wildman shirt


Taven Bryan is the newest member of the Jacksonville Jaguars, so you’re going to need this Wyoming Wildman t-shirt from BreakingT.

The Jacksonville Jaguars spent their first round pick on Florida defensive tackle Taven Bryan. It was a move that turned heads not because of Bryan’s talent – just watch his film and you’ll see an impact d-lineman. But more so because no one expected the Jags to take a defensive tackle that early.

But then again, this isn’t just any defensive tackle… this is the Wyoming Wildman.

Bryan, who is from Casper, Wyoming, had the nickname bestowed upon him with the Gators because he was apparently a bit of a wild soul. But something was clearly working, because Bryan terrorized opposing quarterbacks in college.

And there’s no signs of slowing down in the NFL. So it’s time to gear up.

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Say hello to another defensive monster for the squad.

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