Jacksonville Jaguars close out 2018 NFL draft by selecting a linebacker and a punter

MADISON, WI - NOVEMBER 11: Leon Jacobs
MADISON, WI - NOVEMBER 11: Leon Jacobs /

After two seventh-round selections, the Jacksonville Jaguars officially clock out the NFL draft.

It seemed to go by in a blur, but after two final round picks, the curtain has officially closed on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ participation in the 2018 NFL draft. In a mix of seven both exciting and surprising choices overall, the Jaguars wrapped up the draft with the selection of a linebacker and a punter in the seventh round.

With pick 230 overall, Jacksonville picked Leon Jacobs out of Wisconsin. As a linebacker, Jacobs has played both outside and inside, and has a very strong frame at 6’1″ 246 lbs. Jacobs was, by many, a fourth or fifth round projection, and fell to the team in the seventh round.

The Jaguars notably needed depth at the position, and Jacobs clearly provides that, while also having the upside to be molded into a consistent contributor. Surrounded by the defense in Jacksonville, Jacobs could become a gem of a draft choice in the future.

With pick 247 overall, the Jaguars selected punter Logan Cooke from Mississippi State. I admittedly announce that I do not know much in the way of a scouting report on Cooke, but this move most likely means the team is not exactly satisfied with the production of current Jaguars punter Brad Nortman, and competition is now open.

Not exactly a flashy conclusion to this year’s draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but overall, it is difficult to think the team did not get better after this weekend when taking a look at the whole class. Up next begins the signings of undrafted free agents.