Welcome to our newest Jaguar defensive lineman Taven Bryan

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 26: Taven Bryan of Florida poses after being picked
ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 26: Taven Bryan of Florida poses after being picked /

The Jaguars draft choice at number 29 surprised many people.  However Tom Coughlin dubbed him the best player available at that time.  In addition his 6.35 combine grade rated him as an immediate starter.

Many pundits, bloggers, fans, and writers assumed the Jaguars would take an offensive lineman or a tight end.  Some thought the Jaguars would take a quarterback if one fell to pick 29. Few expected a defensive lineman.  However the Jaguars are a “throw back” or retro team.  The Jags believe the formula to win is a solid defense and a great running game.  There is no doubt that Taven Bryan will be a great addition to an already superb defensive line.

About Taven Bryan

Taven is 6’5” and weighs 291 pounds.  As stated his overall grade of 6.35 projects him as an instant starter.  Bryan played for the University of Florida so he is familiar with the Florida summer heat.  He is described as athletically gifted but may lack the overall feel for the position.  He is also described as “a starter level talent who has gotten by on his size and athletic ability” by an NFL scout as quoted on NFL.com.  Above all he has landed on the perfect team to develop the techniques needed to be an NFL success.  He has a great group of role models and very solid coaching to enhance his skills.

General comments about the first round of the draft

The 2018 first round of the draft had few surprises.  For example four quarterbacks chosen in the first ten picks of round one prove that the NFL is still a quarterback driven league.  Despite that wide receivers were largely ignored.  Three running backs were drafted.  Possibly the success of Leonard Fournette played a part in this. The combine grades play a part as well.  To explain the teams only drafted two players with scores below 6.00 in the top ten.  Only five  players with scores  below 6.00 became draft choices in the top twenty picks.

Welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars Taven Bryan!