Will the Jacksonville Jaguars go with a wide receiver in the 2018 draft?


The Jaguars lack team experience in their receiver corps. Should the Jaguars add another receiver to the mix?

Marqise Lee is a proven starter but DeDe Westbrook and Keelan Cole are only in their second season.  Also the Jaguars added Donte Moncrief as a free agent.

The Jaguars starters at wide receiver are currently Lee and Moncrief.  Bortles needs to spend a great deal of time with them well as the second year guys during the off season to develop chemistry.  In addition none of our current wide receivers stand above the crowd.  We have potential but no star.  That said the Jaguars can  draft a receiver if one with great potential falls in their lap.

Wide receivers available in the draft

To begin the other positions I have discussed in previous articles have been very consistant among the pundits as to the draft order.  This position is less certain with many varying opinions.  I have attempted to choose the players mentioned most often.  Information and statistics are from NFL.com, Bucky Brooks at NFL.com, Charlie Campbell at Walterfooball.com, and CBSsports.com.

Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley played for the University of Alabama.  He is 6’ 0” and weighs 189 pounds.  His NFL combine grade is an impressive 6.40.  To explain, this grade rates him as an instant starter.  His speed is excellent at 4.43 in the 40 yard dash.  In addition, he played top competition at the college level. His weakness is a thin build.  He needs to bulk up.

Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton played for Southern. Methodist University.  His NFL combine grade is 5.87 which rates him as a potential NFL starter.  He is 6’3” and weighs 218 pounds.  Although he lacks speed there is no doubt he has the size and strength to be a possession receiver.

DJ Moore

DJ Moore played college ball for the University of Maryland.  He is 6’0” and weighs 210 pounds. Moore’s combine grade is 5.86 which rates him as a possible NFL starter.  His speed is good with a 4.42 40 yard dash.  Consequently he has the size and speed for the NFL.  He is not the best route runner and played in a system with simple throws and routes.

Christian Kirk

Christian Kirk has a chance to be an NFL starter with  a combine grade of 5.83.  He played solid competition at Texas A&M.   His height is 5’10” and he weighs in at 200 pounds.  He lacks speed and height but can play slot receiver and catch underneath passes.

James Washington

James Washington played for Oklahoma State and graded at 5.76 at the combine.  He is 5’11” and weighs 213 pounds. His strength is good initial quickness off the ball.  Also he averaged 20+ yards a reception in college.  However he had limited challenges defensively during his college days.  Also he is considered a bit top heavy in build.


Without a doubt there is some talent and potential at the wide receiver position in the draft.  There is a possession receiver, a slot receiver, and a long ball receiver in this small sample.  The Jaguars have more pressing needs but if one of the top players falls to 29 or perhaps in a later round one of these players could be a Jaguar.