Jacksonville Jaguars position group needs for the 2018 season

PITTSBURGH, PA - JANUARY 14: Blake Bortles
PITTSBURGH, PA - JANUARY 14: Blake Bortles /

This is a totally different offseason than the past ten offseasons.  The Jaguars looked desperately for starters in the past.

This is the year the Jacksonville Jaguars have the luxury to upgrade positions and add quality backups.

Position needs for 2018

Although the Jaguars had a great season in 2017 there is always room for improvement.  In addition the Jags face a more challenging schedule.  According to most writers and commentators Improvement or upgrades are needed for the following positions.  First is the quarterback position.  Next is the wide receiver corps.   The offensive line needs help as well.  Finally the linebacker group may have needs.  Obviously this plays out over the next several months.  No final decisions will be made immediately.


The quarterback needs continue to evolve.  To begin the season replacing Blake Bortles was the number one priority.  However his play during the 2017 season earned a possible 2018 season  with the Jaguars. Also the Alex Smith replacement is off the board.  Kirk Cousins is still available but the price is high and he is in the good but not great category.  Chad Henne is a free agent and moves on.  The Jaguars need a journeyman backup and a rookie from the draft to fill the position.

Wide Receiver

The first step is to resign Allen Robinson if possible.  He is a free agent and can play wherever he chooses so future moves depend on his decision.  We have Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook, and Jaydon Mickens…rookies with a high up side.  Also Marquise Lee is a free agent and can test the market.  He is worth resigning if the price is right.  Allen Hurns is a maybe the Jags keep him and maybe not.  To conclude the Jaguars might draft a receiver or sign a free agent as an upgrade.

Offensive Line

The Jaguars offensive line made massive improvement in 2017.  This is great but the Jaguars style of play is predicated on a very solid offensive line.  Cam Robinson was a great addition from the 2017 draft.  There is no doubt that the Jaguars will be combing the waiver wires and checking out the free agents.  They will look for draft choices as well.  John Madden once said that  a starting O lineman can be found in the later rounds of the draft.


The Jaguars have top notch linebackers.  Telvin Smith is a very special player and Miles Jack is coming into his own for sure. However Paul Posluszny is an older player and a free agent.  If he retires or moves on he needs to be replaced.  Blair Brown played well last season as a backup and special teams member and may take his place.  The  Jaguars need additional linebackers as back ups and possibly future starters.

My Opinion

The  Jaguars play the first place schedule next season.  This schedule is a huge upgrade and we need to be prepared to compete. To begin Blake Bortles deserves another year after moving from “really horrible” to average as a quarterback.  If he can move from “average” to “good” the sky’s the limit.  In addition the Jaguars should do what it takes to resign Allen Robinson.  Next a team can never have too many quality offensive linemen.  Lastly I would resign Posluszny if at all possible.  His leadership and play calling made our linebacker corps the very best in the league.