It’s great to be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan in 2017


The Jacksonville Jaguars are relevant.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are newsworthy.  The long dry spell is over.  

Our Jaguars are a real professional football team again.  I am proud to be a Jaguars fan again. I bought a Jalen Ramsey jersey.

There are many reasons to notice the Jaguars this season.  First is the all pro awards.  Next is the media attention.   Last are the small things that I will mention later.

First the recognition for All Pro and MVP awards include Jaguars players.  The and AP all pro teams name Calais Campbell and Jalen Ramsey to the first team for both groups.  In addition both named Telvin Smith and A.J. Bouye to their second teams.

The MMQB with Peter King named Calais Campbell the defensive player of the year. Also Jalen Ramsey was sixth in the same category. Two Jaguars in the top ten for defensive player of the year is just awesome.  In addition Leonard Fournette came in third for offensive rookie of the year.  Coaches Doug Marrone and Todd Walsh were both fourth in their respective coach of the year catagories.  Last but not least Tom Coughlin was number four in the executive of the year voting.  Finally and maybe best of all NO Jaguar was in the running for most disappointing player of the year.

The Daytona Beach Journal had daily articles about the Jaguars for the past several weeks.  The Sirius radio NFL channel discussed the Jaguars daily since mid season.  Also ESPN and the NFL television channel had many segments about the Jaguars.  This morning Stephen A. Smith praised Blake Bortles  Media attention sells tickets.  The Jaguars vs Bills game is sold out while other games are not.

Small victories mean a great deal. A sales person in a sporting goods store told my husband that many customers ask for Jaguars merchandise which is a first.  My mother in law…a non football fan has reads my posts and voluntarily read an article about Blake Bortles in the Wall Street Journal.  She had no idea who he was before this season.  Best of all no one asks me who the Jaguars are any more.  The Jags are not unknown any longer.

This is a magical season and I am happy to be a very small part of the magic.  Finally Tony Boselli‘s induction into the Hall of Fame would be the icing on the cake.