Jacksonville Jaguars lose to the Tennessee Titans in a cold weather game

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Running Back Leonard Fournette
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Running Back Leonard Fournette /

The Jacksonville Jaguars met the Tennessee Titans in a must win game for the Titans. The Titans needed to win this game to play in the postseason. The Jaguars played for pride and momentum.

The Jacksonville Jaguars played like a warm weather team on a cold weather day against the Tennessee Titans. Most of the time, Florida teams are notoriously bad in cold weather and the Jaguars were no exception.  They looked cold and miserable. Both teams played solid defense. Sadly, the offense played a mediocre game.

This game proved beyond any doubt that the Jaguars need to use the offseason to improve the offense.  No doubt they have exceeded expectations this season. The Jaguars moved from worst to first. In addition, they played Super Bowl caliber defense.  The coaches did a great job hiding the team’s offensive lacks, but as the competition became more intense they couldn’t respond.

The Jaguars enter the post season on a losing note.  They lost their last two games in the regular season.  The Jaguars lost the game against the Titans due in part to injuries.  The left tackle Cam Robinson was injured and his replacement Josh Wells played poorly all day.  Also the wide receiver corps had to play rookies due to several injuries.  Sadly, they played like rookies.

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In addition, Blake Bortles played like Blake Bortles.  He was 1 for 7 passing in the critical fourth quarter.  He didn’t make the plays that win games.  His counterpart Marcus Mariota also had a very average day, but when the chips were down he stepped up and made critical plays.

The Jags running game did not gain 100 yards today.  Also Leonard Fournette only averaged a little over 3 yards a carry.  The Jaguars need to get back to a better running game in the post season to mask Bortles issues.

The good news is they will have a home game against the Buffalo Bills next week.  This a favorable matchup for the Jags.  Jacksonville has every opportunity to win their first playoff game in ten years. Go Jags!