Coloring With Teal: Savoring Sweet Success in 2017

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 10: Dede Westbrook /

The 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars have surprised the league by earning a 9-4 record going into Week 15 of the 2017 NFL Season. CWT will be doing a bit of a victory lap celebrating our first winning season in over a decade.

Good weekend, Readers! I hope your holiday season is warming up too!

In case you haven’t had a chance to look at the latest info on or on this site, you’d be surprised that the Jaguars are not the worst team in the AFC South division.

You’d likely be surprised that the Jags are not the team that looked good with their offseason moves but disappointed during the season.

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You’d likely be surprised to find that the Jacksonville Jaguars are not the league’s punching bag this season.

You’d definitely be surprised that by Week 15, your favorite team was 9-4 and leading the AFC South.

How does that feel? How does that taste?


So savory.

So wonderful.

Of course, we want the Jaguars to win out and finish the season with a 12-4 regular-season record and a first-round bye. But if the season ended today, would you be disappointed?

We, the fans, have waited quite some time to share our team’s fortunes

We have had a crazy ride since David Garrard’s three-interception 2007 playoff season, haven’t we?

Remember that time that the Jaguars’ front office let their stadium naming rights expire and visiting teams had the honor of playing at “Jacksonville Municipal Stadium”?

How about when James “Shack” Harris (actually, according to Wikipedia this nickname is pretty cool) resigned and the Jags replaced him with Jaguars Legend Gene Smith?

Remember that one time when Jack Del Rio cut David Garrard and within a couple of games was starting rookie Blaine “Blaine” Gabbert, taking our team to new heights of a 5-11 record following a glistening 8-8 2010 season?

Ahhh, good times.


Anyway, as much fun as reminiscing over ten seasons’ worth of disappointment is, let’s not lose sight of the original point of this article: The 2017 Jaguars are a GOOD TEAM. A fun team. A winning team.


(Football Gods edition)

CWT recognizes that the season still has three games to go. Lose all three (like 2010) and finish 9-7. Win out and enter the postseason at 12-4. CWT is celebrating the team’s accomplishments to date, and our celebration should not be seen by the Football Gods as disrespect for the upcoming games.

What makes is sweeter is that we didn’t see it coming. Pundits everywhere downplayed our team’s potential after the Jags floundered in 2015 and 2016. Fans and fan sites dismissed positive talk with the general qualifier “…as long as Bortles is the quarterback…”. In short, after Bortles’ five-interception preseason game and the underwhelming look of the defense in the preseason, the Jaguars were expected to be the same team they’d been for years.

So as the Jags take on the 4-9 Houston Texans, let’s not forget to savor their hard work and success to date. We, the fans, have waited quite some time to share our team’s fortunes.