Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 Mock Draft: Todd McShay goes pass catcher for Jags

DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 23: Courtland Sutton
DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 23: Courtland Sutton /

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the fast track to the playoffs, but there’s still time to take a quick peek at the first big mock draft of the season.

Usually by December, this website and any other Jacksonville Jaguars blog has shifted fully to draft mode.

Over the last decade, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been kept out of the playoffs and for the most part they’ve been eliminated before Thanksgiving.

2017 is different – the Jaguars are essentially a lock to make the playoffs and they have an outside chance to snatch a bye if a few things break right for them.

Thankfully, we can look forward to more football as opposed to who the Jaguars could acquire next year to try and make themselves less bad.

But let’s indulge for just one post and take a look at ESPN NFL Draft expert Todd McShay’s first mock draft of the season, where the Jaguars startlingly have the 27th (!!!) pick in the first round.

Todd McShay has the Jaguars going wide receiver in his first mock, using the team’s latest first round pick since they made the AFC Championship game in 2000:

"27. Jacksonville JaguarsCourtland Sutton, WR, SMU*The Jaguars need help at tight end and potentially quarterback, but there aren’t any worthy of being drafted here, in my opinion. Sutton would offer another pass-catching weapon for Blake Bortles (or a new QB) to go with that ferocious defense."

I guess that’s fine?

Honestly, there are a few places the Jaguars could potentially upgrade with a first round pick and wide receiver could be one of them. With Allen Robinson likely coming back on either a short deal or the franchise tag, the Jaguars should have a solid top 3 (Dede Westbrook and Keelan Cole), and maybe even a strong top 4 if they decide to bring Marqise Lee back (unlikely).

I think the Jaguars would prefer to go offensive line or tight end here, or even quarterback if possible.

Personally, with Lamar Jackson available in this iteration of McShay’s mock, I’d take a shot at the Louisville quarterback.

What say you?