Jacksonville Jaguars bumble the game away in 27-17 home loss to the Los Angeles Rams: Quick Notes


The Jacksonville Jaguars once again laid an egg at home thanks to some special teams blunders in a loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have mastered the art of disguise because nobody has any idea which team will show up on any given week.

Well, maybe fans should just skip all the even numbered weeks like the team appears to be doing.

In painfully embarrassing fashion, the Jaguars coughed away another game they should of won in front of the home fans, this time losing 27-17 to the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams aren’t that good, but the Jaguars decided to spot them 17 points on special teams and put the offense in an untenable spot. Asking Blake Bortles to win the game for you is a losing recipe.

Here are some notes from today’s awful loss:

  • While a lot of the blame will be funneled towards the quarterback, the special teams unit lost this game for Jacksonville. It started on the first play, as the Jaguars seemingly got turned around every which way on a slow developing kickoff return that Pharoah Cooper took to the house. They seemingly got bailed out on the very next offensive play as Leonard Fournette busted out a 75 yard touchdown run to effectively even the game up at 0-0, but things got worse from there. A shanked punt by Brad Nortman gifted the Rams a field goal, and then a way too easy blocked punt returned for a touchdown later in the game sealed the win for the Rams.
  • Since we’re talking about special teams, let’s not forget Jason Myers because there is a decent chance he’s not on the team next week. He missed two field goals – granted both were 50+ yarders – and should’ve missed a third easier one if he wasn’t bailed out by a penalty. Myers isn’t good, and there are too many capable kickers out there to continue trotting him out.
  • Now that the horrific special teams is out of the way, let’s go back to the quarterback. Despite the special teams unit calling it a day, the Jaguars were still in this game and probably should have won it. They had several strong drives and Fournette was running the ball well before he left with an ankle injury. Bortles had an unfortunate interception and a couple strip-sack fumbles (that were luckily not fumbles lost), and he just couldn’t manufacture much after the first two drives.
  • This was a rough game for the Jaguars. The Rams did not look like the better team, but it’s clear the Jaguars can only win if they have a big lead and don’t have to ask the quarterback to do much. Giving away 17 points on special teams is a recipe for a loss.

The Jaguars now have to shrug this off and hope Fournette isn’t seriously injured as they try to forget about losing another winnable game.