Jaguars Tommy Bohanon has been an Underrated Signing

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 10: Tommy Bohanon
HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 10: Tommy Bohanon /

The Jacksonville Jaguars have found themselves an underrated fullback in Tommy Bohanon.

In recent year the Jaguars haven’t carried a fullback on the roster. Opting to use defensive lineman as lead blocks on critical down and distances. Since bringing in fullback Tommy Bohanon his presence is all ready paying dividends.

Tommy Bohanon was originally a seventh round draft pick by the New York Jets in 2013. Since joining the Jaguars this offseason Bohanon has proven himself as an asset to the team in several ways.

First, Bohanon beat out his offseason competition. When the Jaguars drafted Marquez Williams from the University of Miami in the seventh round it was meant to bring the best out of each player. Bohanon met the competition head on and proved himself as the best option moving forward.

Secondly, Bohanon has been a reliable lead block in the Jaguars rushing attack. This season Bohanon has been lining up in front of the running backs, bulldozing over opposing defenders. He has also found success opening up holes for the Jags running backs to squeeze through. And on more than one occasion Bohanon has helped convert fourth and ones.

Finally, Bohanon has also proven himself has a receiver. While he only has two receptions on the year, during the first game of the season he was able to find himself on the receiving end of a touchdown pass. The first touchdown of Bohanons career. Oddly enough this was also Bortles first passing touchdown in the Texans stadium as well. Moving forwards Bohanons involvement in the passing offense will add another wrinkle to the offense.

This week Bohanon will be returning to the team that drafted him. As the Jags primary fullback Bohanon involvement in the offense looks to continue to grow. Bohanon’s ability to fight off competition, blocking, and receiving skills are just a few things that make him an underrated signing.