The time for the Jaguars to make panic moves has passed. Relax!

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The game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday was bad enough to cause panic among writers, fans, players, and coaches.  My advice is to step off the ledge and don’t make moves that may cost the team down the road.  Sip your beverage of choice and think of ways to improve what we have.

The Jaguars dove in to the abyss on Sunday.  Needless to say panic has set in.  It is easy to panic after the game but panic moves at this time are rarely effective. The time for major changes was during the off season. The Jaguars must live with the decisions they made. No panic moves please.

First, the most common panic move is to replace the quarterback.  Next, the second panic move is to replace the head coach and/or the general manager.   Finally another panic move is to replace one or both coordinators.  None of these are workable right now.


Most writer and fans blame Blake Bortles for the loss to the Titans.  I actually totally agree.  However, the time to replace him was during the off season or preseason.  That ship has sailed.  Now a new quarterback would have to come in and learn the offense in record setting time.  Also, he would still have to play behind a questionable offensive line.  Lastly, the number of available quarterbacks is minimal.  There is no guarantee a new quarterback is an upgrade.


It would be great to blame Doug Marrone but he IS the replacement for a failed head coach.  The last thing the Jags need to do is start a coaching carousel like the Cleveland Browns or Buffalo Bills.  He made a huge mistake when he assumed that Bortles would be acceptable as a game manager but it is not time to give up on him yet.  The general manager could have been replaced before the draft.  It is too late to bring in someone new.  That person doesn’t know the personnel well enough to make good decisions.


This is probably the worst idea.  The defense looks good and the offense is a product of poor talent and not poor coaching.  The schemes look much better than last year.


The sad truth is that the Jaguars don’t have the offensive talent to be a high level team.  They are a year or two away.  Instead of panic the Jaguars need to try to plan games that make the most use of the talent they have.  They did that in the Houston game. Sadly, the Titans watched film of the game and planned accordingly.  The Jaguars need to keep a close eye on waiver wires and practice squads.   If the Jags could turn back the clock they would no doubt do  different things in the off season.  They didn’t. Now they must live with the team they built and learn from their mistakes.  Let’s hope our 2017 team is a mixture of the Houston game team and the Titans game team.