Blake Bortles Played The Role Of Game Manager In Houston

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 10: Tommy Bohanon
HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 10: Tommy Bohanon /

Blake Bortles played the role as game manager instead of gunslinger.  As a result, Jacksonville gets a road win in Houston.

Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans were leery of Blake Bortles.  Bortles’ play in the preseason did not inspire anybody.  In Houston, his role as game manager resulted in a much needed road victory.

The Jaguars defense was ferocious today.  They sacked the Houston Texans quarterbacks ten times.  The defense forced four turnovers and the Jaguars did not have a turnover or get sacked.

The Jaguar offensive line played very well.  Leonard Fournette was able to rush for 100 yards behind this line.  Most of all, they protected Bortles and he made good decisions.’s John Oehser and Brian Sexton gave their thoughts about Bortles play:

"Oehser: Quarterback Blake Bortlesplayed efficiently and smart throughout, and deserved credit for not committing the mistakes that have plagued him in the past.  Sexton: They asked Blake Bortles to make a few key throws and just play within the game plan… The truth is they’re going to need Bortles to make big throws and it appears he is going to have to not only change his mentality somewhat but he’s going to have to find another favorite receiver with Allen Robinson” href=”” rel=”/cda-web/person-card-module.htm?mode=data&id=b39ea0b7-7466-4a78-bfe5-0d9f93321516″ rev=”player”>Allen Robinson off the field."

How Blake Bortles Role As Quarterback Is Changing

First, Bortles did not have gaudy stats.  He completed 11 passes for 125 yards and a touchdown.  The Jaguars game plan was similar to what Doug Marrone said this summer.

Next, Bortles threw more underneath passes than long.  According to next gen stats at, Bortles completed five passes in the area between the line of scrimmage and ten yards up field.  Those passes went for 46 yards and a touchdown to fullback Tommy Bohanon.

Finally, Bortles threw to seven different receivers.  He did not stare down his target nor throw an interception.  In past games, he pressured himself into making bad decisions.  In Houston, he allowed the game to play out.

The Jacksonville Jaguars played well on both sides of the ball.  Next week, Tennessee comes to the ‘Bank.  Hopefully, we see the game manager instead of the gunslinger.