How Will The Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Line Contain J.J. Watt?

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 16: Jermey Parnell
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 16: Jermey Parnell /

The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line has the difficult task to contain J.J. Watt.  How might the Jaguars neutralize his presence?

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense line is currently facing a daunting task.  The Houston Texans are very good on defense due to a ferocious front seven.  How will Jacksonville be able to contain J.J. Watt?

First of all, Cam Robinson will face Watt early and often.  Watt will school the rookie lineman.  Jacksonville must give Robinson help.  Because of his presence in the recovery from Hurricane Harvey, Watt will be primed to perform at a very high level.

Phillip Heilman of reports Robinson’s remarks about facing Watt:

"“It’s such a big deal to everybody else,” Robinson said. “It’s football, man. It doesn’t really matter to me who is lined up across [from the offensive line]. At the end of the day, I’ve still got to go do my job.”"

What Jacksonville Should Do To Contain J.J. Watt

First, the Jaguars offense could employ a two tight end look.  Marcedes Lewis and Ben Koyak are good blocking tight ends.  Koyak playing off the line, next to Lewis, would make the Texans respect the run first Jaguar attack.  This formation is able to motion Koyak to which side Watt lines up.

Next, the fullback should be able to help block on the edge.  Tommy Bohanon is going to lead block for the running back and help in pass protection.  The Texans will have to account for Bohanon as a potential receiver while he is on the field.

Third, running at Watt neutralizes his pursuit and speed.  Therefore, pull a guard to throw a kick out block on Watt’s edge.  If Watt is standing still then he can not make a play.

Finally, the Jaguars offensive line needs to be in power block mode to slow down the Texans.  Most of all, Jacksonville must take the role as the aggressor.  They can not afford to allow the crowd to energize the Texans defense.

The key to a Jaguars victory rests in the play of the offensive line.  The running game must get going early to open up the play action offense.  Otherwise, it is a very long day in Houston.