Is It Time For A Uniform Update?

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Back To The Beginning?

With the past behind us and no uniform announcement heading into 2017 the Jaguars will now have had the current uniforms the second longest of their previous looks. The first being their teal tops and white pants which they wore for eight seasons as well as being the top rated of their looks according to Uniform Critics. Following the Nike takeover in 2012 their original five year partnership with the NFL has extended an additional three years to make them the sole provider for NFL uniforms through 2019. Nike has had their hands on teams’ uniforms since their contract with enhancements to the jerseys (such as their flywire collars over the years as well as their “Color Rush” campaign.) There is no denying they have improved on Reebok’s involvement in the NFL. If not for Nike, the Jaguars may have remained in their 2011 all black uniforms before the overhaul.

With five years under their belt in the new uniforms it is time to begin thinking of the next uniforms. I do enjoy the home and away jerseys (personally away the most), but the Jaguars need to go back to their roots as they did with hiring Tom Coughlin, executive vice president of football operations. Khan seems to love the black color scheme, and it appears to be a trend with several teams having alternate black jerseys, however the Jaguars teal needs to return to glory. The alternate teal jersey just isn’t quite the answer as the gold collar outline and black sleeves are too unnatural. The solution would be to modernize the classic 2000’s look that only kept black and gold on the end of the sleeves with white letters/numbers.

The military patch is a keepsake at this point as it is unique and pays tribute to those that have served our country. Nike could keep the current position of the patch or double up and place it on both sleeves. I would personally like a clean and sleek jerseys along the lines of the Detroit Lions 2017 jerseys. Detroit’s new garbs this season are simple and don’t veer too far off from their classic look, and classic is always good. As unique as the helmet is, I think the two-tone didn’t quite get the job done. Returning to an all black helmet with the current logo with a gold stripe down the middle would be a more appropriate style. Adding a flashy jaguar print down the sides of the pants could prove to be an elegant pattern on white pants. Possibly a thick gold stripe with black spots throughout it could pass and not be “too much”.

As for an alternate they could retain black as the primary jerseys, as I mentioned above teams have done. This could create the opportunity to use black for primetime games as the sun won’t soak it in being a dark outside. The black looks much better without the teal sleeves, but rather a hint of teal as the 2012 jerseys executed with perfection. There are many routes a new uniform can go, but my opinion is to return to the classic look when the Jaguar’s franchise was at its best. With Khan seemingly high on the black look however the only classic look we may see return to being fulltime is the 2012 uniform. Even still there are plenty of improvements that can be put into place if the Jaguar’s choose to change their look in the coming years ahead. A mindful eye though would be to take a look at jersey sales as the Teal jerseys still remain a top seller.